13th house : Les Anémones

Constellations  in collaboration with the asbl Les Anémones / Fundraising 2022- 2023

We have just announced the launch of our 13th house project in collaboration with the ASBL Les Anémones in Grez-Doiceau in Wallonia.


This involves building a unit for 10 children with autism spectrum disorders and dual diagnosis.


The ASBL Les Anémones is one of the oldest and most renowned homes in Wallonia, specialising in the care of people with mental disabilities.


Its residents are divided into a residential centre (day and night) for children and a residential centre for adults. There are also supervised flats.


The construction of this new centre amounts to €1,240,000. The operating costs will be borne by the Walloon region. We are going to support this project for the construction for an amount of 300.000€. We have just obtained planning permission in 3 months, whereas in Brussels it takes up to 3 years! This is excellent news, but we need to gather all the necessary funds for the project and obtain the agreement of the AViQ for the operating budget


We are particularly interested in the complementarity with our own project of the double diagnosis house of the Maisonnée for adults.

3D modelisation of the future building
3D modelisation of the future building

Location and contact

Les Anémones Asbl

Rue du Pétrau 11, 1390 Grez-Doiceau, Belgique

Email: secretariat@lesanemones.be

Phone: 010 / 84 56 15

Website : https://www.lesanemones.be/

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