7th house : La Toûne

Constellations in collaboration with La Maisonnée association / Fundraising 2016-2017

We are building a new home as part of the residential service of La Maisonnée in Ittre, Brussels. This house will accommodate ten of the most vulnerable people (double diagnosis - combination of mental disability and mental illness).


Our project was selected by the Walloon Region, meaning that we will receive funding for all operating costs. (https://www.aviq.be/)


Construction began in December 2019.After the pandemic,construction work resumed in mid-May.The roof installation was completed.


Unfortunately ,we had to face the bankruptcy of the general contractor due to the Covid crisis.


We managed to break the contract before the bankruptcy was declared, which will avoid any financial impact.


Good news are starting to arrive again. First of all, we have received the agreement of the AViQ to resume the urgent work, which was done at the end of March.

Then the new call for tenders that was imposed on us for the end of the work has just been launched after having received the agreement of the AViQ.

 As for the building site, the work of development and levelling of the surroundings is almost finished. The installation of the insulating facade panels has begun, as has the laying of the facing bricks. Inside, the special technical work is in full swing. If nothing interferes with our efforts, the opening should take place in the spring of 2022 with a few months delay.

3D view of the building when completed
3D view of the building when completed

Location and contact

La Maisonnée

Rue Toûne 6

1460 Hoog Itter

Email : infos@lamaisonnee.be

Telephone : +322/366.04.73

Website : https://www.lamaisonnee.be/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ateliercinoche/

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