7th house : La Toûne

Constellations in collaboration with La Maisonnée association / Fundraising 2016-2017

We are building  a new home as part of the residential service of La Maisonnée in Ittre, Brussels. This house will accommodate ten of the most vulnerable people (double diagnosis - combination of mental disability and mental illness).


Our project was selected by the Walloon Region, meaning that we will receive funding for all operating costs. (https://www.aviq.be/)

Construction began in December 2019.After the pandemic,construction work resumed in mid-May.The roof installation was completed.

Unfortunately ,we had to face the bankruptcy of the general contractor due to the Covid crisis.

We have found a solution and have just received the agreement of the AViQ to resume the urgent work from the beginning of February. This is excellent news.The final work will follow after a new call for tenders.

We are fighting to finish construction in 2021.





3D view of the building when completed

Location and contact

La Maisonnée

Rue Toûne 6

1460 Hoog Itter

Email : infos@lamaisonnee.be

Telephone : +322/366.04.73

Website : https://www.lamaisonnee.be/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ateliercinoche/