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Supporting Constellations means contributing to the creation of new, inclusive residential centres. This means your help  increases  opportunities for people with mental disabilities. This  will enable them to lead rich and fulfilling lives.



Between 2008 and 2024, Constellations will have opened 12 houses with around 330 places. (137 places have  opened , 60 are under construction and 131 are being created.)  These new places are either opened by Constellations itself or by Constellations, through a partnership with another association. All these places  provide approximately 15% of the existing places in the Brussels region.


Some details :

  • Between 2006 and 2013: opening of the first three residential centres, Les Bolets, Artemia, Orfea.
  • Between 2014 and 2021: opening of six residential centres in partnership with other associations (three have been opened, three will be opened by the end of 2021).  These are Villa Pilifs, Farra Stratégie, Artos, La Toune, Le CREB Anderlecht, Les Piloux.
  • Today, three other centres are in  a phase of “active project”: Le CREB Woluwe (daycare), Le CREB Woluwe (accommodation) and La Forestière.

The operation of the centres requires professional support, offering new job opportunities to a large number of people,  for example young graduates.


Today, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. This is the first time that we are  undertaking so many projects. The situation of the pandemic has made the challenge even more difficult. We need your support more than ever!


All our centres offer a wide diversity of accommodation. Constellations' first concern has been to offer solutions to the most urgent problems we were confronted with, particularly the lack of places for young adults . We have also developed places for people with specific requests:

  • people  with a double diagnosis (mental and physical disability),
  • early childhood care (including a nursery)
  • children with multiple disabilities (mental and physical disabilities) elderly people.

The six centres that are already operational work perfectly, are autonomous and running costs are provided funded through the regional authorities.


For more details about the achievements, please consult  "Our Achievements" . A detailed description of our current projects can be found under "Our Projects"

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