Theater 2024

Our annual event took place on 8 April 2024 at the Théâtre des Galeries. Our evening was under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Paola. Many VIPs attended this important event, in particular Mr Vervoort, the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, who did us the honour and pleasure of being with us once again that evening, paying tribute to the work carried out by Constellations asbl.


Also present were mayors Cerexhe and Maingain, MPs Czekalski and de Beukelaer, Ghyssels, Leisterh and Weytsman.

The evening was also attended by a delegation from the AViQ, led by its Managing Director, Ms Cannella, accompanied by Ms Rucquoy, Ms Englebert and Ms Gillet.


The theatre evening was given in aid of our 3 advanced projects, the Creb and its 2 houses, the Forestière day centre and the Anémones to help them cope with the very high inflation in the construction sector. Proceeds from the theatrical evening and accompanying events - tombola, champagne sales - will contribute to the €300,000 that Constellations asbl will donate to the 3 above-mentioned projects on the evening of 2025.


In their respective speeches, Constellations president Christine Berlemont and vice-president Claude Meyer recalled a series of good news events, starting with the forthcoming opening of the new Anémones house, our 10th open house, and the granting of planning permission for the 2 Creb houses. Planning permission for La Forestière should follow in the next few days. Another piece of good news is the announcement of the new Constellations home, our 14th. This new project will be a day centre built in cooperation with the non-profit organisation ATIPI.


The most spectacular event of the evening was the presentation of an initial cheque for €300,000 to the non-profit association Les Anémones for the construction of a new home for 40 people. Of the 40 places, there will be 20 extra, including 10 for autistic children with a dual diagnosis. Construction is well advanced and the home is due to open in autumn 2023 with an operating budget from the AVIQ.


Mr Didier Cartage and Mr Fabian Hooft, respectively Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the non-profit association les Anémones, and responsible for the reconstruction project, received the cheque to thunderous applause from the audience.


The prestigious tombola was also a great success, as was the auction of a beautiful painting donated by Thierry Degeyter, a resident of the asbl la Maisonnée.


The play "Les Palmes de Monsieur Schutz" (Mr Schutz's Palms) was highly amusing, although it dealt with a serious subject, and the actors were excellent. The audience's reaction was understandably warm.

Before the speeches, a film was shown on dual diagnosis. This is Constellations' 2nd activity, and the aim of the film was to explain to a non-specialist audience how best to deal with this problem, which affects 1/3 of people with learning disabilities.


The evening was a great success. Thank you all for your attendance and support.

Programme de la soirée Constellation 2024
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