The Constellations model


Constellations  supports projects developed by other associations. This is important, because the lack of suitable residential places demands urgent action. Supporting others means optimizing existing possibilities. To our knowledge, this is a unique model. How does it work : 

  • Constellations offers powerful leverage: every year we work on a new project with a partner, while continuing the previous projects until completion. We also help partner organizations to prepare projects.
  • We are involved in marketing and sponsorship.
  • We contribute up to 300,000 euros, money we raise from individuals, private companies and foundations.  
  • This initial financial contribution cannot be underestimated: it gives credibility  to a project and makes it easier to obtain the necessary additional funding.


We help our partners in their fundraising efforts for the project through the foundations we know. It makes it possible to raise an additional 1.500.000€. The  strong and trustworthy relationships we have established with these foundations over many years pay off: they appreciate our achievements, in particular the fact that we have completed all our projects.


  • Upon request, Constellations can help in other areas, such as negotiating with banks or construction firms. Over the years, we have developed a network of connections in the world of politics and administration.
  • We will, however, never interfere with the internal management, the educational project or the recruitment of educational staff, etc. of these associations. This is essential and it saves us a considerable amount of time.

The results of this approach are excellent and have boosted our effectiveness:

Between 2006 and 2013 (seven years), we opened three houses ourselves.


Between 2014 and  January 2023 (eight years), we opened 6 houses in collaboration with other organizations.

4 projects are being developed now and will be implemented by 2026