Theater 2022

The ASBL Constellations is pleased to announce the resumption of its theatrical event annual. We are all impatient to meet again after this long confinement which has touched all in our lives, the theater, the actors, the spectators, the individuals and the companies that support us, Rotary and the Foundations that help us.


The Compagnie des Galeries will play, as a preview, "a little game of no consequence" on Tuesday April 26, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. at the Théâtre des Galeries. This evening will be placed, for the 14th consecutive year, under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Paola.


"Claire and Bruno have been together for 12 years. During a day in the countryside reuniting all the relatives, they are going to be made to pretend that they are going their separate ways ... which does not surprises no one, to their amazement ... and sets off a whole series of reactions."


"This little game" is obviously a comedy. If these characters make us laugh, it's that they look like us, with their habits, their little cowardice, their misplaced egos, their hidden dreams. It’s a comedy… But it’s a subtle comedy. This piece was a great success during its creation in Paris by obtaining 5 Molières.


 During the evening ,a large cheque will be given to the Asbl Creb Woluwe  This evening will be given for the benefit of the creb Woluwe and the  La Forestière Asbl , our 12th house.  La Forestière Asbl ,a day center welcomes  64 people. The current buildings were not not intended to accommodate a population of disabled people, let alone those with mobility reduced / aging. The dilapidated state of the premises is such that reconstruction is necessary or center will have to close eventually.


the price of seats is € 50, € 30, € 15. If you want to support our project by placing a

pleasant moment, you can send an email to with a number of

phone and we will call you back with all the necessary details.

You can also join us by phone : +3326486251