Theater 2023

A great evening on 25 April at the Théâtre des Galeries where Constellations gave its annual theatrical performance under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Paola for the 15th consecutive year.


Among the personalities present were Mr Brotchi, Honorary President of the Senate, Mr Olivier Maingain, Mayor of Woluwe Saint-Lambert. The Minister-President, Mr. Rudi Vervoort, who was unable to attend at the last minute, was represented by Mrs. Overloop.


The evening was a great success, with a full house for the play "Yesterday is another day", which was excellent and very funny. The actors' performance was unanimously appreciated.


There was also a very successful raffle and an auction of a beautiful painting by one of the Household painters.


During the evening, the President, Mrs Christine Berlemont, and the Vice-President, Mr Claude Meyer, announced a whole series of good news. First of all, the opening of the 9th Constellations house - a residential centre for adults with a dual diagnosis (a combination of mental disability and mental illness) - within the framework of La Maisonnée in Ittre. The operating budget was obtained and the house was opened at the end of January 2023. This is the 9th house opened by Constellations.


In Brussels, the preliminary projects of Creb (2 houses) and La Forestière received the final approval of the public authorities, which made it possible to launch the applications for town planning permission.


The theatre evening was given in favour of the ASBL Les Anémones in Grez-Doiceau in Wallonia for the construction of a residential centre for autistic children with dual diagnosis (the 13th Constellations project). It is a very nice project and the planning permission has already been obtained. The only thing that remains to be done is to obtain the agreement of the AViQ for the operating budget! The proceeds from the theatre evening and the accompanying events (Tombola, auction, champagne sale) will contribute to the €300,000 that Constellations ASBL will donate to Les Anémones ASBL at the theatre evening in 2024.


The most spectacular event of the evening was the presentation of a cheque for €300,000 to the ASBL La Forestière for the reconstruction of its day centre. The centre is in such a state of disrepair that it needs to be renovated. This will of course benefit the 63 mentally handicapped adults in the centre.


Mr Pierre Foulon and Mrs Véronique Gailly, respectively President of the Board of Directors of the ASBL La Forestière and Director of the centre and responsible for the reconstruction project, received the cheque to the hearty applause of the audience.


During the evening, it was explained that the Constellations Board of Directors had decided not to support a new project this year, as the dramatic increase in construction costs, up to 30%, made this a difficult but inevitable decision. It seems essential to us to help finish current projects whose construction budgets have increased considerably before embarking on new projects.


The evening was a great success. Thank you all for your presence and support.

Theater Program 2023 (French)
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