Who are we ?


Constellations is a Belgian non-profit organisation (Asbl) created in 2001 by a group of parents who wanted to do something about the lack of residential places for young people (21+)  with mental disabilities in and around Brussels. The waiting period for these places could sometimes  be up to ten years!


The result was the establishment of a new organisation aiming to create new residential places for these young people.


Constellations works with a full-time project coordinator and a part-time administrative assistant. 95% of their salaries is provided for by the Brussels Region. The Asbl can also count on a regular volunteer and the full support of its board of directors, all of whom are volunteers. The Board of Directors is composed of parents, experts and professionals from the sector as well as scientific authorities from both the French speaking and the Dutch speaking communities.


Thanks to our volunteers the operational costs remain well below 10% and are usually, depending on the year, between 5% and 8%.