Theater show 2021 (canceled)

Hello to all


As a result of the latest government decisions postponing the reopening of  theatres, it appears - as many of you had already anticipated - that the performance of the play "Adorable Julia" will not be able to take place on April 20th.


We are therefore forced to cancel our gala evening for the second year in a row.


It is possible that the theatre will be reopened on 20 April, but according to the information we have received, this would be in any case with a very small number of seats, the impossibility to sell raffle tickets or refreshments. Moreover, the play we had selected for you will not be able to be performed this year because it is too expensive to stage, given the number of spectators probably allowed.


It is with great regret that we bring you this news, which only reflects the problems we are all experiencing at the present time, the priority being to protect the health of those dear to us and to come to grips with this terrible epidemic as quickly as possible. We see the end of the tunnel, but we will probably have to wait until the second half of the year.


But the fact remains that the most vulnerable people in society must be protected in the best possible way in these difficult times, whether we are talking about the elderly or people with mental disabilities.


As far as Constellations is concerned, our aim is to give a home to people with a mental disability, regardless of their age, an imperative need that the current crisis only serves to underline.


We have no permanent resources, no direct subsidies and the first 6 houses already opened are the result of your generosity, of the companies that support us, of the  Rotary, of the Foundations that help us and of the help of the Brussels Capital Region.


It is all the more remarkable that we intend to open ,in collaboration with 3 other non-profit organisations ,3 additional houses in 2021(CREB Anderlecht: for children with multiple disabilities, Les Piloux: a crèche for very young children with a  mental disability in Neder-Over-Heembeek and la Toûne: a house for people suffering from a double diagnosis -combination of mental disability with mental illness- in Ittre, despite the bankruptcy of the main contractor, bankruptcy due to Covid).


Our 2021 project is to support the CREB Woluwe for the second consecutive year with the aim of rebuilding the current centre (which accommodates 55 children in day centres and 27 in shelters) whose premises have become insalubrious. In particular because of asbestos.


We were committed to hand over a  cheque for €600,000 to the CREB Woluwe Asbl during the theatre evening on 20 April. This would be  the result of 2 years of intense efforts. We are going to keep our commitment but it will be very difficult without the proceeds from the sale of tickets, the raffle and the sales of our bar.


In this context, and we are well aware that everyone is suffering in one way or another, we hope that your generosity towards Constellations will once again be present and we hope that a large majority of you will be able to make a tax-deductible donation equivalent to the price of the theatre tickets.


This suggestion, of course, does not apply to those who have already supported us in recent weeks.


Thanks to our new website you will be able to make this donation online if you wish.


Take good care of your health and we hope to see you soon.

Theater program

Since our play was cancelled, we have not printed the programme. It would not have made any sense to incur  the extra cost and we had no way to distribute it. However, in order to pay tribute to our donors whose list is included in the programme, and to the companies that support us and whose advertisements are published in it, you will find below the cover page and a link that will give you access to the full programme, available in French and Dutch.

Programme theatre Constellations 2021.pd
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