12th house : La Forestière

Constellations in collaboration with La Forestière association / Fundraising 2021-2022

This day center welcomes 64 people. The current buildings were acquired by the Asbl as its activities developed and the center capacity increased.


They were, at the time of their construction, not built to accommodate disabled people or people with reduced mobility. Moreover, the energy efficiency of these buildings is very poor.


The Asbl has received the agreement in principle of the Cocof https://phare.irisnet.be/  for its project. This will allow the construction of a new space.


An architect with significant experience in building houses designed for people with a mental disability has been  recruited. He has just completed plans for the new centre .Plans are now finalized for the lay-out of all spaces inside the building.



3D modelisation of the future building
3D modelisation of the future building

Location and contact

La Forestière Asbl

Centre d’activités de jour pour personnes adultes en situation de déficience intellectuelle

rue de l'Eté 89

1050 Bruxelles

Email : laforestiere@forestiere.be

Telephone : +322/649.25.45

Website : www.forestiere.be

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