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The CREB (Children's Rehabilitation Centre in Brussels) is working to create a second  day centre for children with multiple disabilities in Anderlecht, after the one in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (see below). The new centre will offer a place to thirty children.

Anderlecht's creation is necessary for different reasons. Firstly, the average waiting time before obtaining a place in a centre for children with multiple disabilities is very long (5 years).


Secondly, the centre is aimed at a very special audience: most of these children have special protective frames  for their backs, and many of them have a urinary catheter. Still, they often have to travel a long time to reach a day centre because there are no centres nearby.

By building a centre at the other side of Brussels, the CREB Asbl allows children with multiple disabilities to avoid these long journeys and to significantly improve their quality of life while reducing waiting lists. This will also bring relieve to their families.


Our first priority was to find a place where to build. We found a well-suited location in Anderlecht with the help of Citydev and we signed the leasehold  for 25,000 euros per year, which is extremely low. This location will significantly reduce  travel time for the children and their parents.

3D view of the building when completed
3D view of the building when completed

  1. After obtaining the necessary permits, we obtained the final green light from the College of Ministers of the Brussels Region by the end of December 2019. The prime minister of the Brussels Region was present when the first stone was laid on 22 January 2020.

 Work began in June 2020 and is almost finished. All the frames are in place. The wooden cladding (Padouk) is placed. The white panel cladding will be installed on the relevant parts of the facades in the near future. Inside the building: - The tiled floors have been completed. They are currently protected. - The false ceilings are being installed in the rooms where they are planned. - The workers are continuing the installation of all the electrical and hydraulic pipes, the double flow ventilation system, etc. - Finally, work has begun on the surroundings and the site will soon be cleared. The inauguration is scheduled for September 2021.The installation of the wooden structures has been completed. The external joinery is installed, the flat and curved roof coverings are completed, as well as the screeds. The special 1st phase techniques are installed. The false ceilings and acoustic linings of the walls are almost finished as well as the installation of the lift.
The work should be completed at the end of May for the building and end June for the surroundings. The opening  is scheduled for September 2021.


The total cost (construction and equipment) is estimated at 3,680,000 euros. It will be financed in part by the Brussels Region, for an exceptionally high amount of 2,344,000 euros.


Together with Cap 48 https://www.cap48.be/ and the Rotary, we have taken the initiative to organise a broad solidarity movement around this project. It now brings together the Lokumo Fund (managed by the King Baudouin Foundation  https://www.kbs-frb.be/en/),the Mr. M. Delacroix Support Fund  https://www.fondsmmdelacroix.org/ , Cap 48  and several Rotary clubs located in  Brussels https://www.rotary.org/fr . We are also grateful for the substantial help we received from the National Lottery  https://www.e-lotto.be/FR/home. The funds raised are enabling  us to carry out this beautiful project with the help of the Brussels Region (COCOF)  https://phare.irisnet.be/ .



Ms. Van Den Bossche, director of the CREB, laying the foundation stone

Location and contact

Creb Asbl

Centre de Rééducation de l’Enfance à Bruxelles

Avenue Chapelle-aux-Champs, 40

1200 Bruxelles

Email: info@creb-asbl.be

Telephone : +322/776.84.70

Website : http://www.creb-asbl.be/

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